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Business Name: Your Event Solutions Owner name: Eloise Haydon Address: 14 - 16 Loftus Street Bowral, NSW 2576 Phone: 02 4889 6900 Website: Email: Keywords: Event planning Short Desccription: The professional team at YES has a pleathora of experience across many facets of the Event Industry and are ready to share their insight to assist you in your next venture. Long Desccription: Whether you are an Event Manager, Stylist or Designer you will not only be impressed with our selection of furniture but also in the quality of our product and the manner in which we look after it. From hand polished glassware delivered ready to use in Hygenically Clean Tubs, to the roadcases that we store and transport our furniture in, we pride ourselves on the processes we maintain that ensure that you get what you want, in the condition that you want it in, each and every time. hours: mon - fri 9 - 5 Year Start: 1965


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